Virtual Tours

We offer VIRTUAL options now, so that we can continue to reach you, and tell you about our amazing Peranakan Culture,  wherever you are !  You can get together from different parts of this planet for a reunion or even create a party virtually, right here at The Intan !

So, dear Babas and Nyonyas! (Gentlemen and Ladies!)
Welcome to MY HOME MUSEUM!

Started in 2003, this will be a virtual museum visit LIKE NO OTHER! Apart from still LIVING in the home museum, it showcases my collection of Singapore’s unique Peranakan antiques over 30 years! Hear intimate stories on how I started collecting, and how my home ended up as an award-winning museum!

This is MORE than a boring museum visit! You will learn about the Peranakan opulent lifestyle as seen in Crazy Rich Asians. From delicate famille rose porcelain to age old rosewood furniture, from pastel colored swiss voile blouses peppered to colorful French beaded slippers, let me transport you into the fantasy world of the Peranakans where East meets West!

Your visit will complete with a visual sampling of traditional Peranakan Nyonya desserts or kueh, where you will appreciate the attention to culinary detail by the Peranakan women.

Make friends from all over the world—without ever leaving your own house! This Experience is not only for someone alone at home, but also great for team-building to reconnect with your colleagues while working from home, for birthday parties, bachelorettes, and even to connect with your family and friends, even if in different homes or countries!

You will join us as a stranger, and end up as FRIENDS!
Be prepared for an AMAZING 45mins that will make your laugh and cry, inspire and yet confuse you !

How can you participate ?

Join a video call for S$20

Online Experiences are all hosted on the Zoom video conferencing platform. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link to the experience that you’ll join using a web browser or the Zoom app. Experiences use both audio and video, so check out these system requirements to make sure your device will work.

Video conferencing is interactive, so you’ll be able to communicate with your host and other guests as much or as little as you’d like.

Book for a private group

Alvin can host private groups of any size, up to 30 guests. Private group rates start at $200.

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