The Collector’s Story

With a deep attraction, I started collecting little things that represented the spirit of the Peranakan culture. As time went by, my collection grew larger, more diverse and definitely more rewarding. Apart from Singapore, Malacca and Penang, some of the pieces were acquired in as far away places as India, China and even England. With every piece I acquired, I learnt something new about the culture.

But it was more than the fine needlework or craftsmanship that captivated my fascination for the Peranakan culture. Rather, it was the astonishment and admiration at how a culture, so young and recent, was able to achieve and create a community that influenced every aspect of social life. It was precisely this remarkable conception that inspired primary professions to design and create beautiful works of art. Pottery makers, tailors, cobblers, chefs, jewelers and carpenters were instantaneously turned into artists, drawing inspiration and combining techniques from different cultures. They experimented with different mediums and explored different styles that manifested into forms and expressions never seen before.

The Intan is a collection of all things Peranakan, and more. It is an ambitious attempt to try and reconcile the beauty of the past into a modern home setting.

It is an aspiration to find creative ways of yielding otherwise purely decorative and beautiful artifacts a new lease of life. I hope The Intan will give you some insights to the bygone chapters of the Peranakan Culture.