Another Peranakan Milestone – 7 Reasons Museums Should Share More Experiences, Less Information

How do objects speak to us when we visit museums? Most of the time, an object’s only voice is translated through a neatly-hung, factually-dense label. I have a lot of respect for well-written museum labels, but labels are not going to keep our institutions relevant in a changing world. Today’s audiences crave unique EXPERIENCES that have the ability to do much more than inform. Now more than ever, when we decide to leave the house, we want to be surprised, moved, enlightened, and even transformed. Text on giant colorful panels. Text on animated touch screens. An interactive here and there. I’m not saying that exhibit design can’t be dynamic, but I do think we museum people are still too in love with disseminating information. This includes the “walking labels” in the form of guided tours.

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