An award winning Peranakan home museum

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The Intan

With a deep love for all things Peranakan, I have devoted my home to be a haven for the treasures of the Peranakan Culture. And it is this love that gives me inspiration to share with you a glimpse of the yesteryear as a guest to my home.

Come for an experiential encounter with the unique Peranakan culture. Learn about the history, traditions & lifestyle of the Peranakans.

Welcome to my home.  Welcome to The Intan, and experience the flight of the Phoenix and the beauty of the Peony.

Alvin Yapp

The Intan is a heritage space that can accommodate up to 40 guests. It is an ideal choice to host the following:

  1. Weddings & Private Photoshoots
  2. Corporate Meetings
  3. Celebrations & Anniversaries

Call us at +65 6440 1148 to arrange your appointment.